Unreal Links

NOTE: I just pulled off all PlanetUnreal links. PlanetUnreal now employs popup windows. Not only that, but they now have popup windows that spawn when you leave their site. This means that the people at gamespy, who own planetunreal, are cunting faggots who personify a waste of flesh in totality. Too bad their parents were too fucking cretinous to figure out how to use a god damned condom. Hell, too bad their fathers didn't kill their mothers before these shitsacks were "born".

ICQ The IM program we use by default. It sucks, but they all suck.
Roger Wilco Audible chat program which can be used while playing.
Unreal Tournament The Official site of Unreal Tournament.
Unreality Not a day goes by that these people don't piss me off. Best Unreal news site.
Unreal Technology Page Epic's Unreal/UT site. Not great, but better than a planet.
Blast-Radius UT2003 Map Review site. Home of the Fragtastic Awards.